FIFA Mobile is a mobile version of the FIFA game developed by EA

FIFA Mobile is a mobile version of the FIFA game developed by EA

FIFA Mobile 20 was successfully released, which was the perfect ending after a long negotiation. On June 10, the game was officially opened on Android and iOS platforms. Data obtained from App Annie later showed that the game received 1.2 million downloads in a short period of time, which not only surprised the audience, but also surprised Nexon Dawei. Now Nexon is very confident that this sports game product will It will have a very broad development prospect.

Back within the beginning, in early March, Nexon Korea signed an agreement with Electronic Arts to launch the new FIFA Mobile 20 game in Korea. this is often one in all the remarkable deals!The popularity of the game is obvious to everyone. I believe that the game will become more and more popular in the future, and the increasing number of players is a very convincing evidence. FIFA Mobile Coins is a very useful coin in the game, suitable for Android and iOS devices. is a premium store that always considers the interests of customers, provides cheap prices, and makes secure payments. You can buy a large number of safe and reliable FIFA Mobile Coins in this store, and quickly visit to purchase.

From April 3 to April 13, the sport conducts Closed Beta testing to test the in-game specifications and feedback from the players. During the test, users are allowed to Buy FIFA Mobile Coins use characters, participate in tournaments and play exclusive mode. After some months, FIFA Mobile was officially released by Nexon in kimchi country. in exactly 24 hours, the quantity of game downloads has reached 1.2 million.

According to App Annie's Market Manager Amir Ghodrati, EA partnered with Nexon to create the leap through this engaging field game. the way to download the sport to your computer? For Korean players, the sport is already within the FIFA Mobile Coins app store. you'll easily download it from Google Play if you employ Android in Asian country. For those living outside Korea, you wish to download the apk file from a reliable website to be ready to experience it.

The mobile version of the FIFA game developed by EA is FIFA Mobile, which has achieved global success with a large loyal fan base. The football player Sun Xiangmin is well known to many people. She is the brand spokesperson for the Korean football game.